New! Monitor your rental home with Interactive Tenants Journal

Get an extra layer of rental protection, take the mystery out of renting.

Keys To Renting Success

FREE rental forms and Interactive Tenants Journal is like ‘rental insurance’, to go hand in hand with a rental agreement as legal documents.

90% of us renters do not have a rental disaster back up plan according to tenant’s rights in California, New York, everywhere in-between and beyond. Since the beginning of renting, centuries ago, there’s really been no such thing as a tenant keeping documenting a rental til now. We see a great void in renting and discovered that having Tenants Journal folder can help a renter to communicate with the manager and use for stopping an eviction. is for you, the renter, bringing you more understanding of renting. Giving you a documented voice in renting. Beyond the journal there are FREE rental forms:
Rental Agreement
Interview the Manager
Notify the Manager
Fix it Note to Manager
Apartment, house, tiny house, loft, couch, shared rental or where ever you rent or how long, you want to have proof of your time in the renting space. If you are accidently given notice to vacate, you will require documentation as in case there is a mis-understanding with owner or new manager as example, manager left unexpectedly and owner doesn't know your verbally communicated agreement. Anything can happen and your only evidence is a rental agreement, your word and maybe a misplaced receipts as most will have and honestly how far does your word go when your documents are expected.
This is an interactive confidential digital container to store your notes, letters, timeline, photos, videos and information about you to print out at a moments notice for time sensitive events.
This is a new day in our economy for renting. Don’t just rent without having records of it.

How it works:

Tenants Journal:

Parents teaching kids how to be responsible for their rental in the Tenants Journal.

Tenants Journal, Time Line Tracker:

Owner says his renters couch, carpet and curtains were damaged by renters dog. Renter say only couch was damaged as he had damage documented from before. This saved renter thousands of dollars as renter showed the owner. Happy ending!

Tenants Journal, Rental Detail Tracker:

Renter reported a leak to the manager and wasn't fixed due to manager’s emergency and after several calls to the manager it was fixed. This cost owner extra money beyond repairs, as renter showed proof of the event and her salary not collected. What could have happened if not documented with the she couldn't have remembered all details which could have cost her dearly and even an eviction.

We Have A Plan for Everyone

Interactive Journal Tools
  • Access Rental home search
  • Rental Agreement
  • Check List
  • . NEW! Interview The Manager
  • . NEW! Request Fix It Form to Management
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Interactive Journal Tools
  • Custom Plan with 80 page E Book of how tos and tips. Journal with categories to log 24/7.

  • Upload photos, videos, text messages, correspondence, keep details about all aspects of your rental, roommates details, kids, pets and parking.

  • Easy print outs in minutes.
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Interactive Journal Tools
  • Package of 16 individual plans at a discount.

  • Saves time and costs. Offer to your clients. Tracking information for rentals. Give stronger records keeping.

  • Easy print outs in minutes.
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Tenant to Manager Forms

Manager's Interview (get to know who they are). Notice To Manager Fix It, In-Out check list. Submit to owner or to keep on file.

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Need help?

This list offers access to agencies through the USA to help you and your rental.