A 3 Day Notice on Your Door and You Paid Your Rent On Time Now What The Hell To Do

Getting a “looks to be real” 3-day notice posted on your rental door is a serious matter, as serious as it gets when you are a renter.  

Taped to your front door, a 3-day notice shows you have 3 days to pay or move out.  Why 3 days, you paid the rent on time?  This notice is legal binding and for real and you have to prove you paid.  One way or other, If you haven’t paid, ya gotta pay up.

 What the hell to do is going into super drive, just know it's real, and demands your real attention.  

If “by accident” the 3-day notice-ends up in the plants and dirt next to your apartment, you find it late. Scary, as I know someone it happened to.  Ya got to deliver somehow to the landlord, no matter what, if you want to stay in your unit.     Immediately, call an attorney, nonprofit and/or housing help that can work with you to face this horrific event.

The TenantsJournal.com will show anyone, you have documented proof of payment, all payments, simply print out file from the journal and give to landlord, attorney or court. Quickly, print out records and give to the landlord can curb a disaster!  Our landlords can say some dreadful things about you and never met you – it was the manager you first met with before you rented and only, they knew you.  Obviously, it’s not you they are discussing because it’s not you that misses your rent and has loud parties.  They are dead wrong, and you are still called to court, and you still have to show proof about you.  That means hiring a lawyer or getting some legal counsel to help, which is a lot of out-of-pocket money.  A documented account of rent paid, photos, timeline and maybe social media which ca be put into the journal will display how great you are and give anyone sitting on 'the other side of the table' a good healthy look at you.  This gives everyone a no doubt it’s not you proof  and no doubt you are going to be proven off the hook, but it can go to the judge if not stopped.

Without tenant records, you could be riding a sinking ship, seriously.   Everyone is different and unique, with hundreds of reasons why.  Always try to work out with the manger to get it straighten out, don’t give up. This is the time to contact a legal council which can be days to do and finding records could be days to do.  Time off work to do could cost you your job.  These are real life scenarios many face today in just a huge bundle of stress.  We know as we faced it. In our results, showing well documented files of the journal can save you an eviction. You could not know what you are up against and beside your rental agreement the journal can be your only ally in this what seems a futile battle

If you are served a 3-day notice, immediately check your federal, state, county and city rules that apply to you.  The paper work, the way form/s are served must be followed according to your area for it all to go forward to be correct.  If the 3-day notice is not correctly done, the notice will not be valid.  We strongly suggest hiring an attorney.  The way it’s served, the way it's filed out, signed and all  must be correct or it won’t be processed.  We again suggest don’t go it alone with this issue  and get legal  help.


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