A Must Have Journal to Monitor A Rental with 14 Custom Categories and More

A must have to monitor a rental starting now. If you rent, monitoring your rental is a must do. TenantsJournal.com offers a designed custom program of 14 categories and more for keeping rental details because you have more important things to do than worry about your landlord.  Other custom features as quick uploading your documents, photos, videos agreements, instant access to a private chamber for notes and more.

The tenantsjournal.com is to support renters with their rentals, which can change in the way you rent.   

So check this out, we learned there is a huge missing void in renting by not saving documents properly. Huge!

We say always run your rental as a business.  Rents are high and its best to monitor everything to ensure best protection you can.  We renters can now have a documented voice in more than just a rental agreement in paying the rent.  

Documenting your little twists and turns of renting.  The gray areas we could get into issues with the landlords with, the ones we don’t know now that could arise later and dreadfully cost you your rental.

We at Tenants Journal want to help and support others to see the urgent need for this program. Never talked about til now. There are so many laws for renting it is overwhelming and they can change overnight. They are like the nooks and crannies of an English muffin! The main thing is that you, as the renter, are building solid communications and know-how of your rental by keeping a journal.

As an example, you can see and will know the exact date when your handy man didn’t show up and cost you time from work. See dates’ rent paid at a moment’s notice. Now you can report it to management to get paid your time for work you missed, if you haven’t done so, because you have complete records of it. I have one right now with an emergency fix that the owner didn’t respond to, which he owes me and doesn’t pay. I can deduct from rent. You want to check with laws in your area if you need to deduct from rent. More on this later.

Tracking of rental payments is good to have. Know when the repainting of your unit is due and maybe the owner will give you a deduction of rent if you do the work. Up load all your correspondence and photos. It’s empowerment to have knowhow of renting right for you.

Tracking repairs of your place as example, the $20.00 you put out of pocket for an item you bought for the place.  You many want to get printouts of your file, simply click and print and it’s done in minutes. Know that rental legal issues are civil and require fast moving resolve, therefore we created tenantsjournal.com Interactive journal because we saw such a great need. Good to check it out.

Keeping track of neighbors who are keeping late night hours and keeping you awake. You want proper documentation of them, including any reports and communications of the event.

What about lighting glaring in your windows at night? There're rules and laws for lighting too. Many know these things and that keeping your rental the way you want to live creates peace and happiness, as our home is our sanctuary.



jea January-06-2022


jea January-06-2022

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