A Tenant Learning These Lessons About Renting Right In Today’s Economy Brings A Deeper Understanding To Renting

Simple answer. “No question is so difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious.”

George Bernard Shaw quote.  

The tenant knows the right answer to renting right, which appears to be monumental but is no secret really.

Looking and finding what is best for the individual tenant can be as varied as the individual; let’s look at some ways to handle this dilemma of renting right.


  1.  The naive tenant will have a barrage of new experiences, good and bad. The tenant can learn from them for future events and they can be priceless.  These events stored are top know how as they may happen again. Storing in one’s memory from my experience can be fleeting. I think to just  remember is not  a sure  fire way as the thought will fly out of ones mind. This is not record keeping as some may think.
  2. The cautious renter will learn from these experiences to save notes some receipts and some other documents put in a drawer and rental agreement in files somewhere else later to  have some or all disappear or  be moved  somewhere they cannot be found.
  3. Adding addendums. The experienced smart renter learning from experiences  will add addendums to their rental agreements. They can see into the future where they may get a dog or get married and plan for events or remodeling.
  4. Renting right takes having the right rental agreement, learning knowhow from others, discussions with manager and really important keeping a journal.
  5. Keeping a journal, we feel is the ultra-important ticket to couple with the rental agreement.  Having a journal gives a tenant the edge on their renting.
  6. We are all busy and taking time to go to a renting court to learn more about renting can be a valuable too                                                                                                         

Renting is organic in many aspects and this is why journaling is so important especially today. See our ebook as to the things that can happen with renting.

Tracking and monitoring is extra rental protection. Keeping notes on all aspects of renting.  Track children, pets, roommates and the mger.   24/7 shows record keeping for all to see as needed.

Teaching your children about journaling and how records are kept brings a new level of responsibility to them and they can be involved too.

When renting if you damage anything, you are at the mercy of the manager who can charge accordingly.







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