A Tenant Will Put Off Planning The Have To Move and Learn It’s Easy Can Do with The Help of Expert Approved Knowhow


Enrolling yourself in a moving plan now to obtain some stunning results when you less expected it in your move.

Jump Into Your Move Planning as An Exciting Adventure

To most tenants moving is a dreaded event.  All your things have been accumulating for years in some cases.  There’s the fragile glass, mountains of books, all your clothes, shoes and accessories, kitchen ware and bathroom items.  If you have kids and pets there will toys and pet things.

Let’s look at having fun with renting to discover more about renting  better and avoid moving mistakes.  

Keep engaged in your plan!  Embrace this learning experience with a mindfully good attitude to carry you thru.  Some tips are below:

1.    Plan for the weather by having closed boxes accordingly. 
2.    Assess how many boxes you will need. 
3.    Use the right size of boxes.
4.    Get black markers to mark the boxes, even color code the boxes. 
5.    Get a bundle of plain new paper to wrap things, get two bundles, you can always take one back. 
6.    Put heavier items at the bottom of boxes.
7.    Don’t leave any empty spaces in boxes.
8.    Any expert approved rental move can be a fun mindful experience when one makes it an adventure.
9.     Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same boxes.
10.    Label each box with room it goes to.
11.    Tape boxes well.
12.    Purge things that are not useful to you
13.    Check heaviness of box.
14.    Get list of movers.
15.    Pack your overnight.
16.    Take photo of electronics connections to reconnect them.

Planning as much ahead of time will be best.  Get all your supplies as boxes, tape cutter, scissors and markers.  A tablet and pens to track things. 
Disposing of unwanted items.  Give to friends, donations, sell online and make some extra cash to even pay for your move.  If you plan on getting a donation center to pickup plan enough in advance as they  don’t always take certain things.

Calculating how may boxes you will want. Finding a kennel to keep
your pets till you’ve moved.  Or a sitter for your kids.
Hire a helper to box up and set aside. 

Photos say it all.  Before and after photos show condition of the place you rented and one you are moving into.   I ‘d make a complete album of detailed photos of everything.  

Pack refreshments for relaxing after too.  Enjoy.


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