Enhance Your Finding Rentals Near Me With Security in Your Online Search for Rentals

Needing to find a rental near you because you like the area, its close to your work and hopefully get more space.  Finding new ‘rentals near me’ in online search is almost impossible to find a rental.  A place with security as this is a must have to monitor a rental.  A smaller place is ok too. Make specific and take time to do as you may want to stay for a long  time.  Think about changes you may want to have in the future as getting a dog, getting roommate or a car.

How to even start? 

.Looking in free rentals area

.Contact local housing agencies

.Contact city as they may have rentals

.Asking a friend

.Ask your neighbor and friends of friends

.Senior living specialties

.Postings in neighbor newspapers

.Post in craigslist

.Search often in craigslist you prefer often


.Hot Pads



Most landlords will be interested in a tenant’s ability to pay rent and a rental history, if their property will be well maintained and whether the tenant is trustworthy. First you want to put together a great resume, a video about you. What wonderful things you are bringing to the rental and the community. A report from old manager about your stay.

An example of about your information keep on file.

Most landlords will be interested in potential tenants’ ability to pay rent and a rental history, if their property will be well maintained and whether the tenant is trustworthy.

Take time to do well planned rental resume and keep it updated:

. Personal data (name. gender, age, number of children)

. Number of pets

. Number of vehicles

. Employment status and details

. Education level

. Salary

. Rental history

. Contact details

. Pet resume if you have

. Identification

. References both profession and personal

. Rental history

. Recent evidence of regular earnings, a good track record and a level of savings will be a big plus for increasing your chances of being successful at getting the rental.

Bring a copy of this to unit review

I would always suggest to my marketing clients to get a few acting lessons on how to deliver a message and sell yourself which would be good for a rental resume.  Even video tape yourself and watch yourself. Do you need to deliver louder, softer, sweeter?   Stand-up straight, be friendlier and have a smart renter look?

Maybe sending thank you card and offer if they want anything else to contact you as you really want the rental as its perfect for you and when you should contact then or that you will contact them in a few days.  

Happy hunting and good luck!


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