Get Inspired To See Lawyers Use of Tenants Journal to Deter Eviction Is An Invaluable Renting Survival Tool

Renting survival for tenants is not 100% based on rental agreement alone, as most would think. Interactive Tenants Journal is good for Lawyers to monitor and help their clients to rent better and work with their client’s rental agreements.

Think about it, if you landed in legal trouble with your rental, getting an attorney fast is of utmost importance because legal trouble with a rental is more than likely time sensitive.

Take Gino, just served a 3-day notice after he had paid the rent.  Who knew this would or could ever happen?  In shock, Gino had to respond which meant showing up in court illegal or legal eviction. The owner was not responding to his telephone calls.  Stressed, Gino hired his attorney he found, put legal fees on his credit card.  He had no choice as this was his credit rating, his job, future renting and even a marriage.  

Gino tracking every aspect of his rental with the Tenants Journal and had a lawyer already lined up and very prepared.   He printed out documents in minutes and gave them to the attorney and was way ahead of timeline,

it could have been a real mess. Normally It takes a few days to even find proper legal counsel, secure one and in court on day 3 begging for extra time to organize.  Because he had the journal to track all of the rental activities, he was able to bring the eviction to a dismissal.

Organizing all the data was a matter of a few clicks and easy print out for Gino, now an instant hero as he gave a print of all files to his legal counsel in minutes of lawyer er request, saving him days of huge losses and eviction.     

“It’s proof, the evidence”, the golden ring. which most renter do not have.” Gino's Tenants Journal printouts of on-going documentation helped saved the day.

Every renter I have spoken prior to them getting the journal will stop speechless as to where their records are and if they were even saved. You must be thinking where your records are? Do you have work records of I ask you now, “Where’s all your records?”  Quietly, most I ask will respond in a jaw dropping silence, silence!  They wll say, I don’t know, have to check or maybe say have a story but no paper work.

Use of the Interactive Journal will work to ensure users have documentation with their attorney’s assistance and how to handle their managers and what needs to be planned.  And deter problems.

There are close to 40 million living in apartments now and 90% do not have a rental backup plan. Most have never thought about it.  Their backup plans are their rental agreements because it's mainly what they know and do not understand what a journal can do for them.  Well, we think not.  We put together Interactive rental tools to curb if not stop negative problems.

Getting on track to be smart renter with only few dollars and little time joining as you can see is a smart thing to do. 



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