Good News Get The New Expert Approved Renting Tool for Smart Renting

We renters want a peaceful rental, unless one has a rock band at home and let’s leave that for another post. Let’s look now at Tenants Journal, expert approved, for saving renting receipts, timeline and all documents, a golden key to smart renting know how. That’s an enormous lot, but not when tackled by the Tenants Journal. Let’s take a deeper look.

 The best renting tool is a renter will always want to build trust and reduce the risk of a faux pa with the property manager. How can there be more to renting than a rental agreement you think?

Renting is a kind of a boring topic. Critical to keeping track and monitoring your living space because one can laps into a rut. Enter the journal, a powerful rental tool. With this tool it is an extra layer of keeping a healthy rental and beyond. Allows for better communications with the owner, making it a brilliant partner with a rental agreement. 

The rental agreement is king of renting, no doubt about it. Above all else, a renter ahears to this agreement pairing with the journal creating we feel a dynamic duo.

Always remember a rental is not buying a property with a mortgage. Renting gives one the right to live on this property.

The journal will open up a new level of renting experiences


by keeping renter engaged in the happenings of their environment at their place as they have a say so with more control over their rental.

Engaging the renter with the journal can activate the renter to take part in their environment and communications with the manager, so maybe there are no misunderstandings 

An other top renting tool is making a timeline for whatever is happening in a tenant’s rental, as example:  

. “the kids’ next door broke our window, taking management days to fix, leaving us vulnerable to a break in with new drug activity around”.

 We suggest journaling, often making as detailed notes about events as above while posting/logging rent payments or managing your roommate in timeline too.

 We created the as even the most boring details are ultra-important. We feel the rental agreement does not outline the hundreds of gray areas of issues that can happen.  

 If ever faced with a rental problem, which we know can happen in a ‘New York Minute’, you will have documentation saved in the journal, a detailed account of the event and be able to print out in minutes. Staying on top of things.

We think our fast life style and sharp memories will keep track. Be honest thou, really? How many times do you say this and forget? More often than not, we think we will remember and we thought we would remember, but we forget.

Thinking about the past months, if you have repairs on your place by management and found it cost you time off work and you just found out the manger needs to pay you for your time. Ouch! How can you collect when you don’t have papers? Or you discovered there are too many repairs and maybe time to move.

If you had made an entry in the journal of the events, you have experienced everything is at your fingertips.

Guess one should put this on their to do list now!


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