Interactive Tenants Journal With FREEBIES Rental Agreement & Forms

Get an extra layer of rental protection, take the mystery out of renting.

Questions & Answers

Why do I need this program?

By using the interactive tenants journal and keeping detailed monitoring of activities of your rental you are helping track of events and have proof of any issues. Say as example, you have a misunderstand with your manager, as you are served an eviction by mistaken bookkeeping and you have journaling of a certified mailing of rent, well, the journal could save you an eviction. Easyto use custom forms to do in minutes will give you peace of mind. Keeping a journal will let your manager know they have tenants that will care for their property. Due to the ever increasing issues in real estate the more chances of rental issues can arise thus more risk and the only document you have is the rental agreement. The journal can give you an extra layer of protection to back you up.

How does the program work?

On opening the journal you will see a drop down menu with icons. Click on one icon as example 'Rental Details' and the form opens. Fill out information accordingly, save and then download print out. The files are editable and are printable at a moments notice. We found those that use the journal will create greater understanding of what it means to rent too.

How long does the journal last?

The journal subscriptions are for one year to be renewed yearly.

As a user, you can use these forms to my landlord, attorney or authorities?

Absolutely. Usually the first thing asked by them is: where is the 'evidence', show me what youare talking about or documents of your claim. The more you have the better. Saved proof of event can stop anything from going any further.

I am in real estate and want to give several of these as gifts can I get a discount?

Yes, for orders of 16 or more visit, We Have a Plan for Everyone and contact us if you have any questions

I am an attorney can I use these forms?

Yes, see access to and professional services. With tenants using journal and forms: they will give you better proof and information. Show your client how to use the to go with their rental agreement. We are not legal authorities only tenants who have experienced much in renting.