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Let's face it most of us are all in the same boat, which is really never discussed, in that most of us are renting with no real-life line to stay in our rental! Knowing very little about a landlord and signing their rental agreement is basically done in our good faith. This is uncharted territory for most of us without a doubt and leaves us open to issues that can arise. A landlord will create the rental agreement for their rental unit based on their knowledge and assume this will benefit us for 'what we need in a rental'. If we don't really understand and simply sign the agreement it can possibly leave us with problems. Rent smarter and finding a clear picture for renting seems to be ever changing but one thing for certain it's becoming increasingly arduous to know what to do if something happens with the rental. Even if you think you know your landlord is correct, they may not know all the facts. Say you are mis-understanding or getting the wrong information? Which proves over and over again we need to take care of ourselves by learning the laws and keeping detailed records in a journal to fall back on in case a dispute arises. Renting is just risky business with any rental. Home prices have risen leaving most to rent, as people can’t afford to buy leaving us no choice. Communications with a landlord is critically important for resolving an issue right away. Keep in mind they are the ones in charge of your rental, paying for the property, the taxes, insurance, upkeep and managing units. Keeping a journal can help your relationship with the manager show you care even if they don't communicate with you. Being extremely vigilant with running your rental as a business, especially if you are already experiencing issues, is hugely important. As the wonderful tenant you are, you always want to pay your rent on time, show good faith, concerned efforts and follow the rules. You want to document all, keeping everything transparent. If you landlord doesn’t communicate clearly it can leave us in the dark. Why would they not? Who knows maybe they are not on apartment site, to busy, have health issues or on holiday? When you document and communicated dated correspondence shows you understand an issue and have track record of your communications gives you solid proof in case a problem arises. As a tenant you always want to 'not assume' and I cannot stress this enough operate your rental home as a business. Because at the end of an event that can't be resolved there can be a judge with timed orders and an eviction. In our e book, included in, you will find some great tips on things that can happen in your tenancy. Remember rental agreements areased on what the landlord requires. If you do not check for what you as a tenant requires it's left with ‘discovery by accident'. What should have been in your agreement isn’t? In cases like this it can be too late. Think of renting as organic and forever changing. To many renters sign a legal document without full knowledge of the outcomes if there was an issue. You may want to think again before you sign, re read and always get a lawyer or rental non-profit agency to review the rental agreement because this is just about your only legal documentation if there’s a problem. This why we created the Tenants Journal which can work with your rental agreement. One little mis-step with a mis-understanding from a landlord can put you in a tail-spin, if you are not prepared it can be a disaster for you, costing you and landlord in huge fees. Illegal or legal eviction, you need to get an attorney or you could lose your well-established credit and more. Best to nip a problem it in the bud so it doesn't go further. Getting a signed letter from mnangement is a must do to confirm. A worst-case scenario, if you are slapped with proceedings of eviction. A 3-day notice illegal or legal you have little time to defend yourself. Then a UD and an order to move. It can take days to even find an attorney. Many will fold and just walk away. This can lose your deposit, time off work, finding a new place with a bad mark and more. Destroying your successful credit report! Again, all is time sensitive and most tenants are not prepared for any disastrous evictions. Even if you have paid your rent on time, you could be faced with thousands of dollars of out of pocket to protect yourself. Fighting ‘no cause’ eviction. Think about it, if you have no evidence, what proof do you have to defend yourself? Only a story to tell the courts? You can be at very great risk of being evicted without documentation. It more than likely will cost you dearly besides getting removed from your place you could experience the following: . Time off work to find any evidence you thought you may have. , Looking for legal support, even knowing who to ask can take days. . Paying for legal fees. . Time off work to go to court. . Money for new rental. . Moving fees and time looking. . A destroyed reputation for years to come. . Homelessness Again, owners are responsible for your building, managing tenants and safety. It’s a lot of responsibly we can all agree. Supporting your manager that your unit is cared for by you may be key to you having good relationship with them and can be your best foot forward. Create you own rules, policies and procedures and follow them for your place. We created the to assist the renter. As you work with the Tenants Journal you will learn to save all your receipts, notes, photos and videos like precious gold. I once talked to an attorney who said he had been in many a court hearings where tenants could have won had they had the right evidence. We all know the first words an attorney says ‘where is the evidence’ can stop you cold if you don’t have it. We want you to be prepare and be the best you be and keeping a journal is the best thing to work with you. I learned the hard way when my non-profit lawyer and others askeding for evidence for 6 different illegal evictions! Stressed out I had to spend hours and days gather what I had. It was horrible which led to creating this journal that others will know. Learn the laws and rules of renting in your state and county too. Each can be different so stay on top of them. Discuss them with manager and document it.
Our critical ‘take away’ is don’t assume anything. Signing up with so you will have an extra layer of protection you can use and learn some valuable savvy tips.