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Let's face it most of us are all in the same boat, renting with no real life line! Knowing very little about our landlord and their rental agreements. This is uncharted territory for most of us without a doubt. Most everyone we talk with a rental manager assumes we know 'what we need in a rental' and most of us don't really understand renting because its changing organically. Finding a clear picture for renting seems to be ever changing but one thing for certain it's becoming increasingly arduous to know what to do if something happens with the rental. Even if you think you know your landlord, you can learn thru some event you really don't them at all and proves over and over we take care of ourselves is keeping a journal. Renting is just risky business with any rental, near you or miles away. Home prices have risen leaving most to rent, as people can’t afford to buy leaving us no choice.

The ‘landlord's game’ is bigger and more vast than ever before, as ‘good faith’ seems being stretched to the limits of extinction. Comunications with landlord is critically important. They are the ones paying for the property, taxes, upkeep and this can be a huge task. Keeping a journal can help your relationship with the manager and shows you care even if they don't. RENTAL SURVIVAL PACKAGE offers some of the many tips for you to see about missed items that can eat away at us causing us to fail.

Being extremely vigilant especially if you are already experiencing issues, is not enough sometimes and keeping track of everything can be critically important that you have proof of that phone call and missed rental payment.

As the wonderful tenant you are, you always want to show good faith, concerned efforts and follow the rules. Above all pay your rent on time. Communications is a key if and many landlords don’t communicate clearly leaving us in the dark. Why? Who knows maybe they have health issues, on holiday many things to do. When you document, communicated with dated correspondence shows you understand and have track record of your commuincations. As a tenant you always want to 'not assume' and operate your rental home as a business. Because at the end of a traumatic event there can be a judge and they follow the laws. In our e book included in our package you will find some great tips on your tenancy that can possibly protect you.

Remember rental agreements are based on what the landlord requires. If not checked for what a tenant requires or wants the tenant is left with ‘discovery by accident‘ in many cases. What should have been in your agreement isn’t. In cases like this is it can be to late. If a landlord is a decent sort they will be happy you are there helping them with their building by taking responsibility for your unit. Most of us assuming the landlord will give you a rental agreement that will protect both parties.

Again, do not assume anything. Renting is organic and forever changing.

To many renters sign a legal document without full knowledge of the outcomes if there was an issue. You may want to think again before you sign, re read and always get a lawyer or rental non-profit agency to review the rental agreement because this is just about your only documentation if there’s a problem. Having the tenants journal document can save you

One little mis-step with a mis-understanding from a landlord's can put you in a tail-spin, if you are not prepared it can be a disaster for you, costing you and landlord in huge fees. Best to nip it in the bud so it doesn't go further.

A worst-case scenario, if you are slapped with proceedings of eviction. A 3-day notice illegal or legal you have to defend yourself in little time. What do you do? Within days you can expect the unlawful detainer, called a UD. You ask what is this all about? You need to know right away and what do you do if you are caught in these proceedings. The court comes in weeks and then probably moving out if you do not have proper legal counsel and evidence. All is time sensitive and most tenants are not prepared for any disastrous events as this that can happen. Even if you have paid your rent on time you could be faced with thousands of dollars of out of pocket to protect yourself if you have no documents.

If you have no evidence what proof do you have to defend yourself? Only a story to tell the courts? You can be at very great risk of being evicted. It more than likely will cost you dearly besides getting removed from your place you could experience the following: .Time off work to find any evidence you thought you may have. .Looking for legal support, even knowing who to ask can take days. .Paying for their legal fees. .Time off work to go to court. .Money for new rental. .Moving fees and time looking. A destroyed reputation for years to come.

Again owners are responsible for your building, units and safety. It’s a lot of responsibly we can all agree. Supporting your manager that your unit is cared for by you may be key to you having good relationship with them and can be your best foot forward. Follow your rules or policies and procedures of how you operate with your rental and stick to it.

That’s why we put together the As you work with the tenants journal you will learn to save your receipts, notes, photos and notes. I once talked to an attorney who said he had been in many a court hearing where the tenants could have won had they had the right evidence. Because what are the first words an attorney says ‘where is the evidence’ can stop you cold. We want you to be prepare and be the best you be.

I learned the hardway when my non profit asked for evidence and stressed out I had to spend days hours to gather what i I had. It was horrible and this lead to us creating this package that others will know. Learn the laws and rules of renting in your state and county too. Stay on top of them. Discuss with manager and document it.

Our critical ‘take away’ is don’t assume anything. Signing up with so you will have an extra layer of protection and learn some valuable savvy tips.