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A Layer of Rental Protection.

Empower yourself by taking control of your rental home.

Our custom made monitoring tools in Tenants Journal will give you support for the burning question any landlord, manager or legal authority will ask:

"Where is the rental proof?"

Image what you have worked so hard for gone because of one little error in your rental that could have been avoided. You’ve probably heard the advice a million times to keep track of events and here is why, you don't want to loose your evidence. Are you kicking yourself for not doing so? Let's start now. We created tenants journal to support you're monitoring and organizing rental details, so you won’t be left curbside. The choice is yours with no excuses as:

  • .You didn't think it was important to note simple events
  • .Didn’t think your manager could loose track
  • .Don't know how to capture proof and can’t find what little you have

Don't let this be you!

Note, right now there are unprecedented ways of what can happen to you, even when paying your rent on time. Especially when you have rented on navive faith. Unfortunately this can lead to unsupported proof of events which you want to avoid. We call this a second layer of protection to support you greatly!

The one thing that you do have control over is your record keeping. Once on this path you will feel more empowered knowing you can respond in no time to any issue you will experience as you will have it your journal.

Let’s be honest

Many people today do not have a completely safe ‘trouble free rental’ and is out of reach. Why? There can always be 'something' when you are paying rent to someone for use of their property you are 'living with their rules' and can at anytime be put to the test even with a perfect payment history.

Those 'somethings' if not monitored can be an eviction. Hear me! This is a new era in renting and things have changed, temporary or permanent. Monitoring all your events is a great safety guard for damage control 'working to get renting right' and if your manager knows you are monitoring the rental it maybe a different relationship too.

what you get

If you are a first time renter or high-end seasoned renter, our easy to use tenants journal.com package is a must have renting tool, "a treasure chest" 24/7 working to keep you on top of events. Ready for you to start immediately.

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Again, we are not lawyers, we are a collection of renters. We always recommend you seek legal advice immediately if you have a problem.

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